The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2014 assesses regions and 124 countries according to economic growth, environmental sustainability and energy security performance, analysing the complex trade-offs and dependencies that affect country efforts.

Fundamental transitions across global energy systems are underway, characterized by unprecedented complexity – technology advances and discoveries have opened the doors to a range of energy sources and are changing the way energy is consumed. Markets are increasingly affected by shifts in global demand and supply patterns; all the while energy decisions are being underlined by the urgency of addressing the climate debate. As demand for energy is surging worldwide, the requirement to adopt new approaches and strategies to fundamentally change the energy architecture is a top global priority. The importance of securing a sustainable future is clear.

The EAPI employs a set of indicators to assess and rank the energy architectures of 124 countries. The indicators highlight the performance of each country across the key dimensions of the energy triangle, measuring the extent to which a country’s energy architecture adds or detracts from the economy; the environmental impact of energy supply and consumption; and how secure, accessible and diversified the energy supply is.

Organisation: Accenture Consulting

Most recent version: 2014

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